Case study

Maze, Planning Solutions

Housing & Office Development, New Road, Crook

Project Overview

MAZE was invited to lead a team to secure permission for the redevelopment of ageing warehouse and manufacturing premises on a site of 2.6ha in Crook, County Durham, in March 2004.

Lengthy pre-application consultation with Wear Valley District Council identified an opportunity to advance a mixed housing and office development and provide planning gain in the form of a spine road through the site to open up a land-locked Local Plan allocation for employment use.

An outline application in September 2004 for 57 houses and 1,400sqm of office space was approved in November and followed by negotiation of detailed terms for a S106 planning agreement to secure delivery of the spine road and transfer the office development land to the Council.

MAZE was subsequently retained by the acquiring developer, XL Homes, to secure approval to details for the proposed housing development. Development commenced in mid-2006.


RG & T Wolff Properties / Algar Trust
Hyperion Homes (XL) Ltd:

Development team

TTH Architects, Gateshead:
JMP Consultants, Mancheter:
Ashley Smith, Durham: